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About us

Changing the world,
one road at a time

We’re on a mission to build safer, more sustainable road infrastructure with radically transformative technologies.

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Groundbreaking solutions
for the cities of tomorrow

The ‘why’

Road maintenance and repair processes need a major upgrade. Skills shortages, rising costs and longer repair timescales aren’t sustainable.

As electric vehicles rise in popularity, the weight our roads need to withstand to facilitate cleaner, greener travel is increasing too.

The world’s pothole problem is worsening, causing negative environmental impacts and placing huge financial strain on road asset owners and road users.

A combination of climate change effects and ageing roads means ever-increasing defects on road networks too.

That’s why Robotiz3d was founded. To invent more sustainable road maintenance solutions that play a part in facilitating a smarter, more sustainable future.

Our development
journey so far

  • 2016

    Research project began at the University of Liverpool

  • 2019

    Two resultant patents filed

  • 2020

    Robotiz3d established and spin out the University of Liverpool

  • 2022

    Third patent filed

  • 2023

    ARRES EYE launched

Meet the team

The Robotiz3d team is made up of
successful entrepreneurs and passionate
innovators, recognised in their respective
fields of expertise.

  • Co-founder, CEO

    Lisa Layzell, MBA

    Award-winning, serial entrepreneur, hon. Prof.,

    Led tech brand to £300m t/o through major revenue growth & geographical expansion

    Built & exited cloud computing startup to Nasdaq listing

  • Co-founder, CTO

    Paolo Paoletti, Ph.D

    Inventor, Senior Lecturer

    Expert in robotics, control, & machine learning

    Experienced in leading cross-discipline cutting-edge projects

  • Co-founder, Tech Director

    Sebastiano Fichera, Ph.D.

    Inventor, Lecturer

    Ex-director of EU engineering consultancy

    Experience in cutting-edge projects in soft robotics, & autonomous manufacturing

  • System Engineer

    Alfredo, Ph.D.

    Robotics, control and machine learning

    System design and integration

  • Robotics Software Engineer

    Nestor, Ph.D.

    Software architecture and development

    Interfacing software, hardware, and testing

  • Robotics Software Engineer

    Jeremy, MEng

    Mechanical design and manufacturing

    Component integration

  • Robotics Engineer

    Devansh, MEng

    Robotics design and engineering

    Autonomous vehicle development

  • Researcher

    Christos, PhD Candidate

    Asphalt removal using infrared

    Design and implementation of PoC

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