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Solutions: ARRES Ultra

The future of
road maintenance

Currently in development. An autonomous vehicle that detects and seals road surface cracks and repairs potholes.

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The world’s first
solution of it’s kind

  • Autonomous road defect detection, prevention, and repair

  • Decides whether to repair the defect immediately, or add it to a prioritised list for later

  • A safer, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly way to survey and fix road surfaces

  • Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) means no large upfront costs. Plus, Robotiz3d maintain all hardware and software

A transformative

Patrols the roads driverlessly or via remote control to find and fix cracks and potholes

Automates repair processes from site preparation, filling and compacting to finish, with minimum or no human intervention

Battery-powered vehicle the size of a small truck

Automatically records repair details and locations for quality control

Can work day or night without being affected by lighting conditions

View data and jobs remotely in the office, in near real-time


  • We are delighted to offer our expertise and help embed real life practical requirements into the development. It’s exciting to be part of the progress and we are keen to trial the prototype.

    Phil Bibby, Executive Member for Highway and Environment at Hertfordshire County Council

  • Every road user must be aware of the damage that potholes can do to their vehicles. Even relatively small potholes can be damaging. The fact that potholes can cause a significant number of fatalities gives weight to the urgent need to repair and prevent road surface defects. The work so far conducted (by Robotiz3d) shows considerable promise. The maintenance time and cost savings are impressive.

    Innovate UK

  • ARRES EYE solution has many applications in our business, the most important to me at the moment would be around our use for the carriageway measurement solution we discussed

    Phil Reid, Head of Innovation and Transformation, Vinci Construction UK

Shape the future of road maintanence

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