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Road maintenance,

Autonomous pothole detection,
prevention, and repair technology.
Designed for the cities of the future.

Our Mission

To help build a safe and sustainable road infrastructure through intelligent, automated maintenance and repair.

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  • $26bn

    $26 billion

    The amount potholes cost US drivers each year

  • £1.7bn

    £1.7 billion

    Pothole related costs to UK drivers per year

  • 28%


    of microplastics in the oceans come from tyre dust

  • 2%


    More emissions generated by cars on poor condition roads

  • 15

    15 months

    Current average timescale for UK road fixes

  • 90%


    of many local govt budgets allocated to pothole repairs


    ARRES Eye:
    Automated Pothole Detection

    Make smarter decisions with unparalleled road condition data and repair prioritisation.

    ARRES Prevent:
    Repair cracks to prevent potholes

    Extend the life of precious road assets. This semi-autonomous robot finds and seals cracks before they evolve into potholes.

    ARRES Ultra:
    Detect, prevent and repair potholes

    Hyper-efficient road maintenance. This semi-autonomous vehicle seals cracks and fixes potholes for a more intelligent, cost-effective solution.


90% cost savings

Using our technology rather than traditional road maintenance methods

70% faster

Quicker repair times using autonomous tech instead of manual road fixing methods

3 x less CO2

Less environmental impact thanks to more efficient processes and electric technologies

Join the road repair revolution